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Ruth Van Reken
Co-author of 'Third Culture Kids'

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Growing Up in Transit tells the story of teenagers' struggles with identity, belonging and internalized racism in their own words. It is based on Danau's doctoral research of high school students at an international school.

At thirty-something, I went back to high school to write a book about people who are popularly referred to as ‘Third Culture Kids’ or ‘global nomads.’

I wanted to probe the contradiction between the celebrated image of ‘global citizens’ and the economic privilege that makes their mobile lifestyle possible.

I was also interested in exploring the voices among this population that had yet to be heard.


International schools educate millions of young minds across the globe today. They claim to promote 'global citizenship' but are often Western centric.

Growing Up in Transit is the first engaging, anthropological critique of the way Western-style cosmpolitanism is institutionalized to perpetuate global, postcolonial inequalities.

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