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Conversations for Change: International Schools and Education – Working for Equity

“International schools aren’t necessarily the open-minded and globalized spaces as may be commonly thought. In the second FIGT Conversations for Change, Danau Tanu, author of Growing Up in Transit, showed us how structural racism plays out in international schools and shared her vision for a different kind of integration.”

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Sea Change Podcast
The Asian TCK Experience of International Schools

Danau talked with Ellen Mahoney of Sea Change Podcast about the Asian TCK experience of racism and cultural hierarchies in international schools and what teachers, school leaders, students, and alumni can do about it. 

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TCKs of Asia on Privilege & Diversity

As we all try to better address inequities in our mobile world, a group who founded the public forum ‘TCKs of Asia‘ had a frank conversation on privilege and diversity with Ema Naito of Families in Global Transition (FIGT). 

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Interview by Ema Naito of FIGT: TCKs of Asia on Privilege & Diversity

Association of international educators & leaders of color
What Do Students Think?: Structural Racism in the Eyes of Third Culture Kids

Founder of AIELOC, Kevin Simpson, invited Danau to speak to a large group of committed international educators about her research. Watch the webinar below or read about it on the blog.

Language & Power: Stories from Asia

Danau Tanu appeared on a forum hosted by TCKs of Asia to interview Isabelle Min, a former KBS broadcaster and one of the first generation of Koreans to grow up overseas. Danau and Isabelle explored the way the power of English and language hierarchies shape our identity & sense of internalized racism.

Expat Happy Hour podcast
Hidden Hierarchies in International Schools

Danau talked with Sundae Bean of the Expat Happy Hour podcast about self-segregation, ‘white’ as a culture, rootlessness & restlessness, naming the wound, and asking, ‘What else is going on here?’

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