Resources for Third Culture Kids

You will find a list of resources on this page that may be useful for Third Culture Kids. This by no means an exhaustive list. Neither is it an endorsement but simply a way to share information.


Asian Third Culture Kids


  • The Traumatizing Gift: a Global Childhood – A TEDx Fullbright Tokyo talk by Saeko Mizuta of TCK Workshop (日本語)


  • INTERNATIONAL THERAPIST DIRECTORY – Search from over 200 professional counselors and therapists in over 35 countries around the world — and online — who specialize in serving the internationally-mobile, TCK, and expat community.
  • 育ちネット多文化 CROSS Sodachi-net Tabunka CROSS provides therapy sessions in English, Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin) in Tokyo. 育ちネット多文化 CROSS は英日中の3カ国語でのカウンセリングを東京にて提供しています。創設者の初田 美紀子さんが主催している TCK Podcast もご参照下さい。