CIS – Inclusion via Diversity, Equity & Anti-Racism Foundation Workshop

Poster: Keynote Speaker. What's the real problem? Can you see it? Dr. Danau Tanu, Japan Foundation Research Fellow, Waseda University, Japan

The Council of International Schools is hosting a 3-day workshop on IDEA. I will be giving one of the keynote talks as below.

What’s the real problem? Can you see it?

Racism affects all students. We are all complicit in it. But how? In this keynote, Danau challenges us to a paradigm shift that lays bare the way structural racism infiltrates the student experience even in areas that seem unrelated. She shows how the ‘hidden curriculum’ can obscure the real, underlying issues in areas such as international transitions (including repatriation), classroom engagement, campus social life, academic learning, and so on. Her keynote will help us see old problems in new ways and be better equipped to support students.