‘Growing up among worlds’ & the hidden curriculum – The stuff we don’t talk about (KIS)

This is the handout for the webinar presentation for the Student Session at KIS. It includes a list of resources mentioned in the presentation, the slide deck and additional resources.

Photo of a bright, motley coloured chameleon
Cultural chameleon

Core topics

  • Identity & mobility
    How does going to an international school affect your sense of identity? How does moving schools or countries affect your sense of identity?
  • Internalized racism
    What is internalized racism? In what way does it affect the way you see yourself? The way you see others?
  • Hidden curriculum
    What is the hidden curriculum? How does it show up in international schools?
  • Intergenerational cultural gaps
    How does your international schooling affect your relationship with your parent(s)’ language and culture? Is your child(ren)’s experience of international education or mobility different from your parents’ experiences?

Slide deck

The slide deck from the workshop will be available here after the workshop in PDF format.


Danau Tanu, Ph.D., anthropologist & author of Growing Up in Transit: The Politics of Belonging at an International School

Isabelle Min, coach & facilitator

Main text

Growing Up in Transit: The Politics of Belonging at an International SchoolDanau Tanu, 2018. 

Resources in order of appearance

Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, 3rd Edition. David Pollock, Ruth E. Van Reken and Michael Pollock, 2017.

‘Third Culture Kids: The Return Home’ by Tim Brantingham in Sandwich Parenting.

Bong Joon Ho Interpreter Sharon Choi Relives Historic ‘Parasite’ Awards Season in Her Own Words (EXCLUSIVE)‘ by Sharon Choi in Variety.

Breakout session for self-reflection: Being ‘seen’


Work in pairs. 8 minutes total.

  • Step 1: Speaker shares story (4 min)
  • Step 2: The Listener retell the Speaker’s story using ‘Active Listening’ skills (1 min)
  • Step 3: Swap roles. Repeat steps 1 & 2

Be neutral. Do not judge.
Be attentive (nod, etc), patient and don’t fill the silences.

Reflect back to the speaker what they said. Use their words as much as possible. Do not interpret. Do not add your opinion.

Create a senior class tradition?

Photo of a two way street with arrows pointing in each direction.
Photo by Marissa&Eric on Unsplash.

A community building exercise. Aim: To foster inclusivity & connection

How can you use the last few months of your high school career to foster more inclusivity among your classmates? How can you create a sense of connection with your classmates in your grade?

How can you stay connected and support each other after you leave KIS?

Additional resources

The Traumatizing Gift: a Global Childhood
 – A TEDx talk by Saeko Mizuta, CEO of the TCK Workshop (日本語)

TCKs of Asia & Third Culture Stories podcast.