The Hidden Curriculum of International Schools – 21CLHK Online (Keynote)

This is the handout for the keynote presentation hosted by 21CLHK Online for the Reimagining Learning conference in 2021. It includes a list of resources mentioned in the presentation, the slide deck and additional resources.

Poster: Presentation. The Hidden Curriculum of International Schools. Dr. Danau Tanu. Anthropologist. 21CLHK Online. Reimagining learning. 22 November - 4 December 2021. Profile photo.

Main topics

  • Systemic racism
    How does systemic racism work in international schools?
  • Hidden curriculum
    What is the hidden curriculum? How does it show up in international schools?
  • Internalized racism
    How does the hidden curriculum impact students’ sense of self? What is internalized racism?
  • Campus social dynamics
    How does the hidden curriculum impact group dynamics among students? Among staff?

Slide deck

The slide deck from the keynote talk is available in PDF format.

(For those who have attended my other webinars, this presentation will be similar but not identical. I include more material but they are not all shown in the slides.)


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A community group that hosts live open forums and a podcast that deep dives into the additional layers of Third Culture Kids that have never been explored before.

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A monthly community session dedicated to explore ways to end discrimination in the international school ecosystem. All are welcome. See event description or visit AIELOC’s events page.

anti-racism in international education - AIELOC Community Visioning

Optional readings

These three short, easy-to-read articles offer a brief introduction to the core topics listed above. These articles include extracts from Growing Up in Transit: The Politics of Belonging at an International School.

You can also download the free introduction to Growing Up in Transit.