FIGT ANZA Authors Panel Event

For this special September event, FIGT ANZA, Australia and New Zealand is joined by six amazing authors based/born in Australia and New Zealand. They are all active FIGT members and with their work, they bring their unique perspective on topics related to globally mobile life. Their experiences cover both personal and professional aspects of their


The Hidden Curriculum at International Schools with Danau Tanu – An EARCOS event

The East Asia Regional Council for Schools (EARCOS) hosts regular professional development webinars and I will be joining them as a speaker on September 25, 2021. Free for EARCOS members. Brief Description What is less visible is the way the dominant culture of the school’s educators, leadership and (hidden) curriculum actively promotes the formation of

AIELOC Community Visioning – Every 3rd Saturday

What will it take to end racism and discrimination in the international school ecosystem? Join the monthly Community Visioning sessions hosted by the Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color.  We come together as a community to share research and ideas, as well to to support each other in the work. All are welcome


Recognizing and addressing systemic discrimination in our schools – Hosted by Alliance for International Education

The Alliance for International Education Interactive Online Seminar Series 2021-2 EDUCATING FOR PEACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE: THE ROLE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION Starting in October 2021, the Alliance for International Education (AIE) is hosting a seminar series over 6 months to prepare the ground for their conference next year. Each seminar will have two lead presenters who


TCKs of Color in International Schools – with International School Counselor Association (ISCA)

Learn more about the hidden voices of third culture kids at the 2021 ISCA Collaborative. TCKs of Color in International Schools: The Politics of Belonging & Internalized Racism I'll be speaking at the International School Counselor Association (ISCA) Collaborative in November. This time I will dive deeper student experiences of internalized racism and its impact on

The Hidden Curriculum of International Schools – 21CLHK Online

The 21CLHK Online conference is dubbed 'the Netflix for Education'. I will be presenting about the hidden curriculum of international schools as a Keynote Speaker on December 1 . Description As a result of rapid changes in student demographics, many international schools are faced with visibly entrenched student cliques based on nationality (or language), which

What’s the real problem? Can you see it?

Inclusion via Diversity, Equity & Anti-Racism Foundation Workshop The Council of International Schools is hosting a 3-day workshop on IDEA. I will be giving one of the keynote talks as below. What's the real problem? Can you see it? Racism affects all students. We are all complicit in it. But how? In this keynote, Danau