TCKs of ‘Color’ in International Schools – ISCA Collaborative 2021


  • The politics of belonging
  • Internalised racism


The slides from the workshop are available in PDF format.


TCKs of Asia – forums & podcast

Third Culture Kids & Parachute Kids: Building Their Resilience

Families in Global Transition (FIGT) Research Network and Counseling and Coaching affiliate discussed with Dr. Tim Stuart and Dr. Jang Eun Cho what helps Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and parachute kids build resilience so that they can thrive, even in the face of adversity. Co-hosted by Dr. Danau Tanu & Sundae Bean.

Osmosis: When Children Internalize Racism Through School. (Originally published on October 14, 2020.)

More resources

See a list of other relevant resources here. The list includes the most of the resources mentioned during the presentation as well as additional ones. (It does not include the video by Saeko Mizuta & Aiko Minematsu.)